Join Net Market Fluidics

Over the life of our project, Net Market Fluidics will analyse and develop solutions for the bottlenecks that are preventing micro and nano fludics products from leaving the laboratory and reaching the market. However, we cannot achieve this goal alone. We must work hand-in-hand with stakeholders across Europe and around the globe to understand the unique barriers your micro and nano fludics innovations are facing and how we can  overcome them. By understanding your specific needs, we can help your technology realise its full potential.

We encourage anyone involved in micro and nano fluidics to join the Net Market Fluidics network, including:

  • Public Researchers
  • Investors
  • Private companies
  • Universities
  • Industry associations
  • Non-profits

Once part of the Net Market Fluidics network, you will be able to connect with others across the robust field of micro and nano fluidics to discuss technical opportunities, industrial needs, collaboration ideas, job opportunities and more. Members can also post proposals and documents so other Members may review and offer opportunities for collaboration.